It’s Okay to Write Terrible Stories by Julie Falatko

Nerdy Book Club

You should be writing terrible stories.

Some writers love what they write and don’t want to revise. Some writers want their first drafts to be perfect and are afraid to write anything at all. Some writers write a perfect first draft that, the next day, has mystically turned into something horrible. Most writers are a combination of all of these.

Revising is hard, but the hardest part is often the idea of it. If you’re a second grader who spends two weeks painstakingly writing a story and drawing pictures to go with it, why on earth would you scrap all that work to redo it? If you’re a grownup who’s still getting your writing legs, it’s hard enough to come up with sentences in the first place, and even harder to revise.

Writing something awful feels terrible. You feel like a hack. You feel like you should give up.


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