FBI Director Says Cops Must Recognize Racial Biases


FBI Director James Comey urged the nation’s law enforcement officers to acknowledge implicit biases towards people of color that have led to distrust among police and minority communities, in one of the highest profile speeches yet given by an FBI chief on race and policing.

Comey urged police departments across the U.S. to work toward mending those relationships in the wake of high-profile officer-related shootings. “There’s a disconnect between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve,” Comey said, during the speech at Georgetown University.

MORE:FBI Completes Federal Probe of Ferguson Shooting

Comey encouraged police nationwide to have an “open and honest discussion” about the relationship between officers and communities of color, and the unconscious biases that often trigger people to act differently around individual of other races.

“We simply must find a way to see each other more clearly,” he said.

The FBI director described situations where white…

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