Watch These College Students Pull Off a Flawless Beyoncé Routine on a Moving Airport Walkway


Some people nap or read magazines or people-watch when stuck at the airport, but these students — part of the University of Oregon’s acrobatics and tumbling team — found a different way to keep busy during their 13 hours stuck in the San Francisco airport.

To keep themselves entertained, the students pulled off a choreographed dance routine set to Beyoncé’s “Flawless” — all on one of those moving airport walkways. One of the students, Jalen Kirkland, posted the video on her Tumblr, where it started to circulate.

“We knew there were a few bystanders videoing us all around the airport, but we had NO idea the video would get so much attention!” Kirkland told Yahoo News.

The funny thing is that several of the bystanders in the video seem pretty unimpressed. They should have been grateful for this free, flawless entertainment.

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